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The Nano Centre Serbia is organized through five Centers. In addition to technical sectors, there are the Administration Sector and Sector for Building Maintenance with pertaining services: Workshop, Security and Cleaning services.  

Center for Imaging

  • E-beam
    (AC-TEM, HRTEM analytical, HRTEM, 4 Probe AFM with SEM, Dual beam FIB, SEM, SEM low vacuum).

  • Mechanical preparations lab

  • Ionic preparation and Coating lab
    (Carbon coating, Gold coating, Gold/palladium coating, Osmium coating is done in chemical lab)

  • Chemical lab
    (Osmium coating, Tenupol electropolishing and Chemical etching, Resin infiltration-embedding)

Center for Characterization

  • Fast Screening
    (ICP-MS, TGA/DTA/DSC, Routine AFM, XFS, UV-VIS, FTIR, Dynamic Light Scattering, Polarizing Optical Microscope)

  • SPM
    (AFM High Resolution, AFM/Confocal Raman, AFM SNOM)

  • Optical Characterization
    (Fluorometer with lifetime module, FTIR/FT Raman, UV-VIS, NIR Spectrometer, Photonic Laboratory: various laser sources with OPO,optical cryostat, photo-luminescence, resonance enhanced Raman, SERS, PLQE and ELQE, radiative life-time, photo-conductivity, SHG/THG/SFG, photovoltaic response)

  • Transport and Magnetic Measurements
    (Pulse-EPR, SQID, Cryogen Four Probe)

  • Structural Characterization


Center for Nanofabrication and Synthesis

  • CleanRoom

  • Synthesis (6 wet hoods with exhaust-ISO, Thin Film Deposition, Pulsed Micoplasma Cluster Source)

Center for Modeling and Simulation

  • Electronic structure (SIESTA, QuantumEspresso, Dacapo, NWCHEM)

  • Electronic transport (TranSIESTA, SMEAGOL)

  • Molecular Dynamics (VMD)

Center for Life Sciences

  • Micro Imaging

  • Biomedical Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics Unit

  • Flow Cytometry Unit Protein preparation Unit

  • Media Preparation and Tissue Culture Unit

  • Histology Unit