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Center for NanoFabrication








Cleaning procedures


The Center for NanoFabication consists of two units:
  • The Clean Room (located on the ground level)
  • Synthesis (located on the third floor)

The Clean Room is subdivided into technical spaces and working areas of an increasing cleanliness class. The room occupies three levels, of which only one is accessible to the users. The following figure is a diagrammatic plan of the level which contains the equipment grouped into two zones according to the type of process. The first zone, with 55 square metres of clean room space, is class 1000 dedicated to Bio & Metrology. The second zone is a SI-CMOS area which consists of 154 square metres of clean space class 100. The operation of such a clean room resorts to heavy infrastructure that ensures the optimal conditions for air (filtration, temperature, humidity, pressure) and water, as well as the supply and the treatment of the waste chemicals (solid, liquid, gas). Other equipment, such as the Focused Ion Beam and the parylene coating machine (Chemical lab), is available outside the Clean Room.

The Clean Room is equipped with building vacuum, nitrogen, argon, DI water and oxygen. Exhaust lines are connected to scrubbers; e-beam lithography with class 10 mini-environments; E-beam ablation lithography; wet processing for substrate cleaning and wet chemical etching; thin-film deposition on metals and isolators; dry etching for material removal using reactive gases; thermal processing for oxidation, annealing and vapor phase deposition; diamond deposition; backend processes including plating, lapping/polishing, dicing and bonding; processes, most of which will be semiconductor-based (silicon, III/V), and will be conducted on materials similar to those used in standard semiconductor technology, such as silicon, metals, isolators, polymers, organics and oxides.

Site plan of clean space (ground level)


Technical section (bellow clean space)

Below is cross-section view of CleanRoom.



The Centre for Nano Fabrication’s Chemical laboratory provides various technologies for the synthesis of nano-phase materials including, but not limited to Chemical Vapor Deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition, pulsed micro-plasma cluster source, etc. The laboratory, equipped with a double door entrance and an emergency exit, is located on the third floor. Due to the nature of the facility, its air-condition system is separated from the AC system for the rest of the building. The wet-hood exhausts are connected to the scrubber.


The main facilities are:

  • Furnaces for CVD

  • In house made ALD

  • Pulsed Micoplasma Cluster Source

  • Flame Beam Source

  • Thin Film Deposition

  • Glove Box for inorganic materials

  • Fume hood with Spin coater/Ultrasonic

  • Bath

  • Fume hood for wet chemistry

  • Incubators for bio-samples

  • Two Refrigerators