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Center for Life Science


Micro Imaging


Genomics Unit


Flow Cytometry Unit


Protein preparation Unit


Media Preparation Unit


Histology Unit

Center for Life Science consists of four units, suited on the first floor:
  • Micro Imaging
  • Biomedical Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics Unit
  • Flow Cytometry Unit
  • Protein preparation Unit
  • Media Preparation and Tissue Culture Unit
  • Histology Unit

Micro Imaging

In addition to the Electron Microscopy facility located in Center for Imaging, the Micro Imaging Unit will provide a imaging facilities including optical and fluorescent microscopy, confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, scanning and transmission electron microscopy,cryo-methods for tissue preparation and digital imaging and image analysis. The core facilities:

  • Confocal microscope
  • MultiPhoton Confocal microscope for deep tissue imaging
  • CW super-resolution confocal microscope
  • High Pressure Freezer
  • Cryo-ultramicrotome

Biomedical Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics Unit

The Biomedical Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics Unit will provide a wide range of molecular biology technologies including DNA sequencing, sequencing and electrophoresis, purification and electrophoresis, electrophoretic separation, fragment analysis, DNA, RNA and protein analysis, targeted genome and transcriptome, small RNA sequencing, gene expression profiling, ChIP sequencing applications. The core equipment:

  • Proteomics Discovery System
  • Capillary LC and HCT Ultra Ion Trap
  • Micro TOF/q and QQQ systems
  • LTQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers
  • LTQ-Orbitrap Hybrid Mass Spectrometers
  • Hybrid Mass Spectrometers
  • Protein Sequencer
  • Real-Time PCR System
  • Fast Real-Time PCR System
  • Microarraying Power Scanner

Flow Cytometry Unit

The Flow cytometry Unit will provide research technology platform in flow cytometry, a high-speed laser technology for stem cell, cancer, immunology, and neuroscience, research utilizing a variety of multi-laser cell sorters and analyzers. It will provide the following services: cell sorting, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis analysis, stem cell analysis. The core facilities:

  • Avanti J-20 XPI – Beckman Coulter
  • Cell sorter
  • Flow cytometer
  • Medimachine Sample PreparationSystems
  • Bioimaging systems
  • Laminar flow biosafety cabinets, refrigeration/freezer, cell culture incubator, centrifugation, multi-channel pipettes

Protein preparation Unit

The Protein Preparation Unit will integrate with other units/services in order to provide produce pure and active proteins for use in research through some of the following services: protein purification, protein Expression Optimization, etc. The core equipment:

  • Express units
  • Protein bioanalysers
  • Liquid handling robot
  • Bacteria/yeast growth facilities

Media Preparation and Tissue Culture Unit

The Media Preparation Unit will provide services related to preparation of commonly used reagents and media necessary for their various research applications and projects like (solutions, buffers, etc). The Tissue Culture Unit caters for comprehensive tissue culture needs including cell banking, transfection services (stable cell line production) and cell expansion (mammalian and embryonic and custom stem cells). The core equipment:

  • pH meters
  • Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell XR
  • incubators
  • Bellco Roller Bottle incubators
  • Microscopes
  • EppendorfMultiporator
  • Beckman Allegracentrifuges
  • Multi gene thermocycler
  • Shaking platforms
  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Powers Scientific refrigerated incubator
  • Precision refrigerated incubators

Histology Unit

The Histology Unit will provide a full-service in-house laboratory dedicated to providing the highest quality histology services. The technologies will provide for paraffin microtomy, cryotomy, vibratome sectioning, plastic sectioning, and histochemical staining. It may also include a repertoire of immunostaining protocols for adaptation to individual antibodies and sample types. The core equipment:

  • Automatic Tissue Processor
  • Research Cryostat
  • Automated Microtome
  • Automated Vibratome
  • Automated Cover Slipper Workstation
  • Auto Stainer
  • Microwave Retriever
  • TBS Paraffin Embedding Center